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Portland and its surrounding environs are some of the loveliest urban areas in the US.
It is not a wonder that its called "The City of Roses".

So if you're in the mood to check out all that the city has to offer, we suggest you
look over some of the following links to plan your stay in Portland.


AS we said above, the city has some of the most wonderful roses in America, and
the perfect place to see them in all their glory is the rose garden. Set in Washington Park
high above Portlands Downtown you get a 2 for 1 with the Rose Test Gardens
and a beautiful view of Mt. Hood framed by Downtown.


As well as being a scenic wonder located a short 1 hour from Portland, Mt. Hood is
also one of the premier Skiing areas in Oregon. The mountain has some of the most
beautiful scenic drives and  you can top it off by having a hot latte, cappuccino or
espresso at historic Timberline Lodge.


If you're looking for peace and tranquility, this little piece of heaven is located not far from
the Rose Gardens. Beautifully maintained and truly a sight to see, these gardens will give you
more than a Zen feeling. Although only some 40 odd years old they seem a lot older.
This is a must for garden and Bonsai enthusiasts.


While, Downtown Portland may seem like any other big city in America, it has some very
unique features that consistently places it in the top 10 most livable cities in the US.
Portlands Mass Transit system is second to none and has received numerous awards including
 the "Best Transit System" in America. The singular defining feature of the downtown transit
system is the Fareless Square which encompasses 330 blocks of downtown. In the
fareless square area you can get on and off any bus or light rail car FREE of charge,
making it easy to sight see all of Portland. Go to the Pioneer Courthouse Square, the
Portland Art Museum, the Park Blocks or see Portlandia, the second largest
hammered copper statue in the US after Lady Liberty. All this and more at no charge
for riding the transit system in downtown. For all the fun sights of Portland see
the Portland Visitors Association at 1000 S.W. Broadway, Suite 2300.


Located 30 miles east of Portland, this is the second highest falls in the nation. It drops
620ft and has some spectacular views that are a photographers dream. In the winter
the falls is known to freeze like a giant icicle. If you have the stamina, a hike to the top
of the falls is rewarded with fantastic views of the Columbia River Gorge.


Located in Washington Park along with the Japanese and Rose gardens, this is a beautiful
zoo. Absolutely lovely exhibits and gardens, will make you forget you're in the heart of
Portland. Great Elephant exhibit.