MAX light rail

Monticello Motel
4801 N. Interstate Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97217









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The premier mass transit system on the West Coast, the MAX light rail affords an
inexpensive way to get around. Take the light rail from our motel to the Rose Quarter
and connections from there to the Eastside and Westside extensions, or any point in

If you're heading to downtown Portland and plan to spend the day there,
leave the car at the motel and save the parking arcade hassle. Trimet, Portlands transit
authority has one of the best setups for travelers. 330 blocks of Downtown are
considered a " Fareless Square". This means you can get on or off of any Trimet
bus or light rail car within the square free of charge. The best and hassle
free way to get around downtown and its sights.

If you're traveling to or from the Portland International Airport, You can take the MAX
to downtown and get connections to anywhere in the city from there.

For their total system and routes go to :